Have fun in Cyprus!

Have fun in Cyprus!

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Moskeeter Eater

Moskeeter Eater - banish mosquitoes, reduce mosquito bites

Reduce mosquito bites for just €49.95

Moskeeter Eater is a simple but effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay and reduce the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes.

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Fly Slayer

When flies are a problem in Cyprus get a fly slayer

Banish annoying flies for just €79.95

Fly Slayer uses unique technology to attract and destroy flies. If you want to enjoy your life fly free, you need a Fly Slayer.

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Everything About Pools

Create, maintain and enjoy your swimming pool with Everything About Pools

e-book download for just €19.95

Everything you need to know to create, maintain and enjoy your own swimming pool.

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