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Bedford CF Van

Cyprus is a fascinating place if you’re interested in old cars. Or in this case, vans. The island is littered with interesting old vehicles that have been dumped by their final owners.
This example is a Bedford CF van in the countryside near Polemi. It’s been there a while – the wheels are gradually sinking lower [...]

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.3

My wife’s always had a thing about Alfas.  She reckons they’re sexy.  So the squeal of delight as we drove through Kato Paphos wasn’t she’d won the lottery, it was she’d seen an old Alfa.
A couple of days later we were passing that way again, so stopped to check it out.  Sure enough, parked next [...]

Another old car find – 1959 Hillman Minx Series IIIa

I’m no old car fanatic, but it does amaze me some of the old relics you find gently rusting away in Cyprus.  On this occasion I stopped to photograph an old Land Rover, and just as I was getting back into my car, saw another old vehicle slumbering under some trees.
Initially I didn’t recognise it.  [...]

Old and Rusting Vehicles

Cypriots just don’t seem to like chucking anything away. And that goes for their vehicles as well! When your ancient Land Rover or similar finally gives up, do you take it to a scrapyard? No you do not.  You find some quiet corner to park it up and leave it.
Given the temperate climate, things tend [...]