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A Walk with Aphrodite, Peter Breakwell

A real delight. Currently out of print, but well worth seeking out.
It dates from 1998, so some of the places and situations have moved on, but that doesn’t detract in any way from a real story, very well told.
This is the chronicle of an unparalleled walk into the realm of Aphrodite; of a journey [...]

Rough Guide Map of Cyprus

Anybody who’s been to Cyprus (or for that matter Greece and the Greek Islands) will know that the link between what’s on a map and what’s on the ground is tenuous! Like most, we’ve been lost on some unmade road wondering which way is home!
This map of Cyprus is actually very good. Sure it doesn’t [...]

Paphos Land of Aphrodite, Renos Lavithis

Fully illustrated guide packed with colour photographs, site plans and route maps covering the popular resort of Paphos town and the rest of the district. It includes: Monuments — Museums — Sites — Places of Interest; A brief history; The town of Paphos — tourist resort; The district of Paphos — touring suggestions covering all [...]

Divided Cyprus, edited by Yiannis Papadakis, Nicos Peristianis and Gisela Welz

Not a light read, but a very informative one! 
The volatile recent past of Cyprus has turned this island from the idyllic “Island of Aphrodite” of tourist literature into a place renowned for hostile confrontations. Cyprus challenges familiar binary divisions, between Christianity and Islam, Greeks and Turks, Europe and the East, tradition and modernity. Anti-colonial struggles, [...]

Buying a Home in Cyprus, Anne Hall

A really useful book if you’re planning on buying a place in the sun in Cyprus. When we started out on the long journey to buying our villa in Polemi, this was required reading.
Buying a Home in Cyprus is essential reading for anyone planning to buy a home in Cyprus and is designed to [...]

Buying a Property: Cyprus, Sue Bryant and James Franklin

A really useful book that served us well when we started out on the long path to owning a villa in Cyprus.  It’s chapters include:
> First Steps and Reasons for Buying
> Where in Cyprus?
> Selecting a Property
> Making the Purchase
> Financial Implications
> Settling In
> Letting Your Property
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Wild Flowers of Cyprus, George Sfikas

A really handy little book if you want to know more about the flora of Cyprus.
Heavily illustrated, it has chapters covering the geography, geology and climate of Cyprus; the vegetation and flora and then goes into detail of the plants you’ll find.
George Sfikas is a well-known researcher of Greece’s fauna and flora. He has written [...]

Cyprus: A Modern History, William Mallinson

Probably the most readable book we’ve come across clearly charting Cyprus’ recent history.  Lots of detail, but in a way that’s interesting.  At times a controversial view of a very controversial subject.
This narrative history of Cyprus – the most thorough and up-to-date account currently available – examines the modern history of the island during a [...]

The Cyprus Conspiracy, Brendan O’Malley and Ian Craig

Throughout history Cyprus has been in a very strategic place.  Every superpower has an interest, and they just can’t leave alone.  This book tells the story of the events leading up to and then after the Turkish invasion of 1974. 
In 1974 the Greek colonels ousted the Greek-Cypriot leader of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, and Turkey retaliated [...]

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus, Lawrence Durrell

A poignant story set in the mid-1950s, ‘Bitter Lemons of Cyprus’ describes how Lawrence Durrell set up home in Cyprus. From the warm Cypriot welcome he received initially, your heart goes out to him as the troubles with the British start and how his life changes.
A really good read and a great insight into the [...]