Everything for you to have a fun time in Cyprus!

Everything for you to have a fun time in Cyprus!

Smelly Drains!

Posted by admin On June - 15 - 2010

One of the less fun things about living in Cyprus is the drains. 

The way the drains are designed, the septic tanks they lead to and the soakaways they depend on seem to be a cause of continuing problems.

The problems stem from bad design of the drains themselves.  There’s often corners where waste can build up that ultimately leads to blockages and smelly problems.

That’s why you’ll almost always see a little bin next to every loo.  Waste tissue is one of the biggest offenders, so if you don’t flush it down the toilet you’re reducing the risk of blocked drains.

And then we get to the septic tank.  A septic tank depends on two things.  A working soakaway to stop the septic tank from filling up and ultimately overflowing, and a healthy population of bacteria breaking down the contents of the septic tank.

We don’t realise how much we depend on the bacteria to keep the septic tank healthy.  So it was interesting to come across a new product that feed the bacteria in septic tanks to keep them working naturally.

The product is called Tank Wizard, and it’s imported into Cyprus by Advetec Cyprus.

It’s very simple.  You just pour it in your drains and it works naturally to keep the drains and septic tank clear. 

Tank Wizard works by stimulating the natural organisms within the septic tank to keep it and the associated soakaway clear and working properly.

The result is septic tank and drain smells are eliminated.  And as a great by-product, your septic tank probably won’t need emptying anything like as often, if at all.

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