Simple touches to get more rentals for your Cyprus holiday villa

Great pictures will get your more bookings for your holiday villa in Cyprus

Great pictures will get your more bookings for your holiday villa in Cyprus

As a photographer visiting a lot of holiday rental villas in Cyprus for clients, I see lots I’d love to stay in, and many I wouldn’t.  In a very competitive market, it really matters you maximise every rental opportunity for your villa.

As an impartial outsider looking in, here’s ten things you need to think to get more business from your holiday rental villa in Cyprus:

  • Get a decent, thorough cleaner.  It’s worth paying a bit more to get it done right.  If somebody’s first impression of your villa is it’s dirty, that’s a very bad start.
  • With crockery and cutlery, have at least six of everything, that match (more if the villa sleeps more, and keep some spares because plates and glasses will get broken). 
  • Get some decent cooking utensils. 
  • Get some decent quality towels, and plenty of them. 
  • Lose your personal touches (or lock them away) – what you think is treasure sadly you guest may think is tat. 
  • Many villas look bare.  Get some pictures on the walls that fit the villa’s decor in terms of size, colours and feel. 
  • Lock your own stuff away neatly, no big padlocks. 
  • If there’s broken and junked stuff in the villa, get rid of it.  That’s especially true if you’ve bought new garden furniture.  You must rid of the old stuff. 
  • Have a Visitor’s Book and make it feel special, not something you bought for 50c at the local supermarket. 
  • Get a decent photographer to take some cracking pictures of you’re villa or apartment.  The small cost of doing so will set you apart from the mass and get you many more rentals.

All cost you say.  Yes, it is.  You need to budget a ‘renewal and enhancement’ amount you’ll invest in your villa every year.  The things listed above just aren’t expensive in the whole scheme of things.  But they will ensure your guests enjoy their holiday in your villa – and that way they’re much more likely to return in the future.

And if you need a great photographer, call me on +357 99 860725!  To find out more about what we can d to help you, check out our Cyprus Property Picture Service.

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