Water Shortage Update

Use water sensibly and there's not a problem!

Use water sensibly and there's not a problem!

Much is said about water shortages in Cyprus, so what are the facts?

Winter 2008/09 was by Cypriot standards a very wet winter.  Despite a lot of rain, the island’s reservoirs are still not full.  As a result, restrictions are still in force that mean the water supply is turned off from time-to-time.  The good news is that whilst the water supply had to be reduced by 30% in 2008, the reduction in 2009 is only 15%.

Cypriot villas and apartments are built with large water tanks on the roof.  These tanks are usually sized to suit the size of the villa or apartment they serve.  With a little bit of care, the tanks almost always hold enough water to see through interuptions to the water supply.  In other words, the supply in the villa or apartment will continue.

The Water Development Departments works with local councils and municipalities to plan and publicise the water rationing programme.  In Paphos District no cuts have yet been made in Kissonerga, Kouklia, Peyia, Polis, Stroumpi or Yeroskipou.  In Paphos itself partial cuts have been made:  one part has cuts on Monday and Thursday, the other on Tuesday and Friday.  In Konia and Chloraka the villages are divided into two parts with the supply being cut every second day to each part. 

The point to emphasise, is that with careful usage, the tank on the roof will almost certainly see you through any cut.  That can be fun - a holiday rental villa I was in had a list of tips to save water, one of which was ’shower with a friend’!

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One Response to “Water Shortage Update”

  1. cyprus solution said:

    Jul 17, 09 at 1:23 pm


    It is very complex problem for Cyprus. There are a lot of beautiful lakes inside Cyprus and same of them are destroyed. For example Lefkara! It was very big lake, and very old. There were a lot of fish in that lake, and all population died! That’s how they take care about their lakes and water. Of course it is much easier to store water in big ships near Limassol.

    Hopefully in future they will solve that problem. I heard that Turkey is going to build pipes to Lebanon or Iran, I don’t remember. And that pipe will go through Cyprus. Hope it will be soon!

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