Have fun in Cyprus!

Have fun in Cyprus!

Cycling in Cyprus – Mountain Biking Heaven!

Posted by admin On February - 20 - 2009
Cyprus is perfect for biking - and especially mountain biking

Cyprus is perfect for biking - and especially mountain biking

On road or off road, Cyprus is a biking paradise.

There’s everything from a gentle ride by the sea to some challenging mountain roads and mile after mile of cross country tracks waiting to be explored.

Take it easy or test your strength, it’s all there to be enjoyed.

Spring and Autumn are pretty much ideal for biking in Cyprus.

The warm temperatures and sunshine make a bike a great way of getting around or blasting the country tracks on your mountain bike.

Hire a bike in Cyprus or bring your own

‘Cycling Cyprus’ video courtesy Cyprus Tourist Organisation

There’s plenty of places you can hire bikes in the resort towns of Kato Paphos and Coral Bay, plus some more specialist organisations hiring out the highest tech mountain bikes.  Check out our resources below to find out more.

Alternatively, bring your own bike. Most airlines will accept bikes if pre-booked. Allow a bit of extra time for check in, bikes usually need to be treated as large items. The easiest way for your bike to travel is in a bike box. Get one from your local cycle shop, remove the wheels, deflate the tyres a bit and your bike’s ready to fly.  Check out our resources below to find out more.

Where to ride

In Paphos District the best places for mountain biking are the Akamas peninsula with all its wild beauty, Paphos Forest and the high mountains of the Troodos. If you fancy something a bit gentler, take a ride around some of the villages. You can enjoy:

  • Mile after mile of country tracks, paths, rough byways and forest trails
  • Mountain roads to take your breath away – on the way up and the way down
  • Smooth and lazy dirt roads, coastal paths and tracks
  • Sights and scenery that’ll wow you
  • One of the best bits of mountain biking in Cyprus is the open countryside. No need to worry about bridleways here, just show some respect if you find a fence or a gate. Otherwise, just ride where you want.
  • The roads – or more particularly the drivers – in Cyprus have a certain notoriety. And with good reason. If you’re road riding, stay wide awake. Cypriot drivers regard the rules of the road as a form of advice rather than something to be obeyed. So its not unusual at all to find people driving the wrong way up one way streets or going through traffic lights on red.

The good news is you can ride pretty much wherever you want, so a bit of thought will get you off the roads and away from the generally light traffic.

Be sensible – and have a great time

  • There’s no rules in Cyprus about wearing a helmet, but common sense says if you’re going out on the trails, you wear a good helmet. Always. Rocks hurt if you land on your head.
  • Early morning and early evening are best times to ride in the summer. From mid-morning to mid-afternoon in the summer it’s just too hot. During the rest of the year, Cyprus is perfect for cycling.
  • When out riding, take plenty of liquid with you. Cyprus is hot and sunny so its easy to become dehydrated much faster than you’d think. A Camelbak or similar is the easy way of carrying a fair amount of liquid to keep you refreshed.
  • Sun protection cream is a good idea – the blue skies can lead to sunburn very quickly – especially in the clear mountain air. (Watch out for the gap between your shorts and your shirt – it takes ages for the sunburnt stripe across your back to go away!)
  • If you’re going off road, take a mobile phone in case anything goes amiss. Cyprus is well served, even in remote areas, with good mobile reception.
  • If you’re a white knuckle biker, check your travel insurance includes cycling accidents.
  • In the winter months it can and does rain. And when it rains, it really rains. Watch out on country tracks for gullies washed away by water flowing down hillsides.
  • Beware of the maps – they’re probably best thought of an indication rather than a fact. You’ll discover the countryside is criss-crossed with loads of farm tracks, most of which aren’t marked on maps. There isn’t any concept of ‘rights of way’ in Cyprus – so with common courtesy you can ride pretty much wherever you want. If you come across fenced areas, its best to stay out, but they’re rare.
  • Finally, whilst theft is a much smaller problem in Cyprus in comparison with the UK, it still makes sense to lock your bike if you leave it. You don’t want a long walk home…

‘Cyprus on a Pedal’ video courtesy Cyprus Tourist Organisation


Where can I hire a bike?

Gekko Mountain Sport

New for 2010 – Scenic Bike Hire

Can I bring my own bike?

This is what the airlines say about flying with your bike – but be sure to check your own airline’s details before turning up at the airport. The general advice is:

The bicycle must be packaged in a bicycle box or bag

  • Only one bicycle per bicycle box or bag will be permitted
  • No other items can be carried in the bicycle box (e.g. clothing)
  • The handlebars must be flush with the frame
  • The pedals must be flush against the frame or removed
  • Passengers travelling with bicycles are strongly recommended to check-in 2 hours prior to departure in order to guarantee carriage

Specific airline policies regarding carrying bikes can be found at:

Cyprus Airways
British Airways

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