Everything for you to have a fun time in Cyprus!

Everything for you to have a fun time in Cyprus!

Christmas In Cyprus

Posted by admin On December - 22 - 2008

Christmas comes to Paphos, Cyprus

Christmas comes to Paphos, Cyprus

Christmas in the UK is a feast of rampant commercialism. 

In Paphos, its very different and a whole lot more pleasant. 

In fact, coming to Cyprus for the Christmas break is a really smart thing to do!

Yes of course the shopkeepers are out to get your money.  But not at any cost as seems to be the case in the UK. 

I can’t remember when I first saw Christmas decorations hung up in Tesco in the UK, but it could have been as early as September.  In Cyprus, all that nonsense doesn’t seem to start until early December, and even then in a much lower key way.

It also seems a bit odd to sit in the warm sunshine enjoying a coffee, while wafting out of one of the shops you can hear the strains of ‘White Christmas’.  The temperatures in the sun are still in the twenties during the day, though a bit chillier in the evenings.  You wouldn’t want to go out after sunset without a jumper or a jacket.

The weather has also become a little bit more unpredictable.  Most of the year you can pretty much guarantee sunshine.  In the last week its rained in Paphos – and very welcome it is too.  When it rains here, it really rains.  The streets turn into rivers as several centimetres of rain falls in just minutes.  And then the sun comes out again.

Conclusion?  If you want to escape from the commercial nightmare that Christmhas become, escape to Cyprus.  Leave the cold, damp, grey weather behind you.  Forget dreaming of a white Christmas, enjoy the sunshine in Cyprus.

See more pictures of Christmas in Paphos.

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